Unleashing the Power of Door Hangers in Real Estate Marketing: Insider Tips From Justin Dossey of Ballpoint Market

door hangers for real estate

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Looking to level up your real estate marketing game? Look no further than the power of door hangers.

We're thrilled to share insider tips on how to unleash the potential of door hangers and supercharge your marketing efforts.

Door hangers offer a unique advantage, boasting callback rates as high as 20%. This attention-grabbing tactic places your message directly on potential sellers' doors, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

So, what sets door hangers apart from other strategies? We'll share our expertise on the factors that make door hangers stand out, along with killer strategies and tips for a successful door hanger campaign.

Get ready to revolutionize your real estate marketing with the power of door hangers.

Benefits of Using Door Hangers

Why are door hangers such a powerful tool in real estate marketing?

Well, it's simple. Door hangers have proven to have callback rates as high as 20%. This means that when you use door hangers in your marketing strategy, you have a higher chance of getting potential sellers to reach out to you.

At our company, we offer four different door hanger designs, each targeting a specific reason why a homeowner might want to sell their property. Our door hanger messages are customized and concise, with a word count of about 35-40 words.

By leaving door hangers on doors without disturbing residents, we've found that our approach generates more callbacks.

Factors That Make Door Hangers Stand Out

One factor that sets door hangers apart in our real estate marketing strategy is their personalized and attention-grabbing nature. With door hangers, you have the opportunity to customize your message and tailor it to specific homeowners. This personal touch creates a sense of genuine interest in the property, making it more likely for potential sellers to respond positively.

Another advantage of using door hangers is the non-intrusive approach they offer. Unlike cold calling or unsolicited emails, door hangers are physically placed on potential sellers' doors without disturbing residents. This respectful and considerate approach generates more callbacks and increases the chances of connecting with interested homeowners.

Combining Door Hangers With Driving for Dollars

To enhance our real estate marketing efforts, we can maximize the impact of door hangers by combining them with driving for dollars campaigns.

By utilizing door hangers and targeted marketing, you can create a powerful strategy that reaches potential sellers directly.

When driving for dollars, we recommend dropping off door hangers at properties of interest, showcasing your personal effort and genuine interest in the property. This approach is especially effective for occupied properties in need of work or repairs.

While direct mail campaigns are better suited for vacant properties, door hangers offer a unique advantage in reaching homeowners directly.

Strategies for Success With Door Hangers

Consistently distributing door hangers can significantly impact the success of your real estate marketing campaign. This can generate high callback rates and lead to more successful deals. Our business understands the importance of door hanger distribution in reaching potential sellers and delivering targeted messaging that resonates with their specific needs.

By customizing your door hanger messages to address the reasons why homeowners might want to sell their property, you can capture their attention and increase the likelihood of a callback. To maximize your door hanger campaign, it's important for you to be consistent and make it a part of your daily routine.

Keep a stack of door hangers in your car or truck for potential opportunities and drive different routes to discover new neighborhoods. By incorporating door hangers strategically and consistently, you can create a balanced and fulfilling career in real estate investing.

Tips for Maximizing Your Door Hanger Campaign

To maximize your door hanger campaign and increase its effectiveness, we recommend implementing a few key tips and strategies.

One valuable tip is to enlist the help of friends or family members and offer them a commission for distributing door hangers in different neighborhoods. This not only increases your reach but also incentivizes others to actively participate in your marketing efforts.

Additionally, utilizing technology can greatly enhance your door hanger campaign. One useful tool is DealMachine's Virtual Driving for Dollars feature, which helps identify potential deals and target the right properties for your door hangers.


In conclusion, door hangers offer a unique and attention-grabbing approach to real estate marketing. With callback rates as high as 20%, they provide a personal touch that can revolutionize your marketing efforts.

By incorporating strategies shared by experts in the field, such as combining door hangers with driving for dollars and maximizing your campaign, you can unleash the full potential of door hangers and boost your real estate marketing impact.

Don't miss out on this untapped opportunity to stand out in the industry. It's time to take advantage of this powerful tool and maximize your marketing potential.

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