Revolutionize Your Lead Generation With Driving for Dollars

driving for dollars lead generation revolution

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Coincidentally, we stumbled upon a game-changing lead generation strategy: Driving for Dollars. As a team, we have mastered this approach and now we're here to share our secrets with you.

In this article, we will revolutionize your lead generation by harnessing the power of Driving for Dollars. This strategy offers a multitude of benefits that will take your business to new heights. Not only does it have the lowest cost per lead, but it also gives you access to a unique list of properties that nobody else has.

With our step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to build your list, identify hidden gems, implement aggressive marketing techniques, and even door knock on distressed properties. Get ready to transform your lead generation with Driving for Dollars.

Let's dive in and unlock its full potential.

Benefits of Driving for Dollars

The benefits of driving for dollars as a lead source are numerous and impactful. When comparing driving for dollars to other lead sources, it stands out as the lowest cost per lead. This means that you can generate more leads for less money, maximizing your return on investment.

Additionally, driving for dollars allows you to create a unique list of properties that no one else has. This gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

Furthermore, driving for dollars is highly scalable, allowing you to continuously expand your reach and increase your chances of finding motivated sellers.

Lastly, driving for dollars is particularly effective for our business as it enables us to target properties in lower price ranges and land bigger deals compared to other lead sources.

Steps for Driving for Dollars

To begin the process of driving for dollars, we recommend physically or virtually driving to see up-to-date properties. This method of lead generation has several advantages over other lead sources. First, it offers the lowest cost per lead compared to other marketing channels. Second, it provides a unique list of properties that no one else has, giving you an edge in the market. Third, it's highly scalable, allowing for continuous expansion.

Here are some tips for successful driving for dollars implementation:

  • Focus on homes below the median price range showing signs of neglect. These properties often present great investment opportunities.
  • Utilize apps like DealMachine to quickly pin distressed properties on your route. This will help you efficiently identify potential leads.
  • Aim to add at least 50 addresses per hour to your list. The more properties you identify, the more chances you have to find lucrative deals.

In addition to driving for dollars, it's crucial to implement aggressive marketing strategies to convert leads into deals. Consider utilizing text messages, cold calls, and postcards to reach out to potential sellers. Consistent follow-up and door knocking can also significantly increase your chances of success.

Building Your List

Let's kickstart the process of building our list by hitting the road and identifying potential properties for driving for dollars. To effectively identify neglected properties, you need to focus on homes below the median price range that show signs of neglect. Using the DealMachine app can help you quickly pinpoint distressed properties and add at least 50 addresses per hour, or even up to 100 in lower-income neighborhoods.

Once you have your list, you can maximize your ROI through consistent follow-up and remarketing. This means sending 2 text messages to leads without a Do Not Call (DNC) notation, making 4 attempted cold calls to non-responsive leads, and sending 2 postcards spaced 2 months apart to unreachable leads. Consistency is key in converting leads into deals, so you shouldn't quit after just one text or mailer.

Identifying the Most Distressed Hidden Gems

To identify the most distressed hidden gems, you can utilize the DealMachine app to tag vacant or extremely rundown properties while driving. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently identify properties that have the potential to be great investment opportunities.

By using DealMachine, you'll be able to pinpoint these distressed properties and add them to your driving list for further follow-up. However, it's important to note that simply tagging these properties isn't enough. The real magic happens with consistent follow-up.

We understand the importance of staying in touch with these leads, whether it's through text messages, phone calls, or postcards. Consistent follow-up is key to converting these leads into profitable deals.

Aggressive Marketing to Your Driving List

To maximize your lead generation efforts with driving for dollars, we recommend implementing an aggressive marketing strategy that includes a strategic and consistent follow-up process. Consistency is key in converting leads into deals, so it's important not to give up after just one text or mailer.

Start by sending two text messages to leads without a Do Not Call (DNC) notation. This initial outreach helps capture their attention and gauge their interest. In addition to text messages, make four attempted cold calls to non-responsive leads. By reaching out through multiple channels, you increase your chances of connecting with potential sellers.

Direct mail can also be a powerful tool for lead generation. Consider sending two postcards spaced two months apart to unreachable leads. This multi-channel approach ensures that you stay on their radar and increases the likelihood of a response.

Scaling Your Driving for Dollars Machine

Scaling your Driving for Dollars Machine is essential for maximizing your lead generation efforts and expanding your wholesale deals. To achieve this, we must implement effective ROI tracking and explore direct mail strategies.

By tracking your return on investment, you can ensure that driving for dollars remains the most profitable lead source for you. This allows you to make data-driven decisions and allocate your resources accordingly.

Additionally, incorporating direct mail strategies into your marketing efforts can further grow your lead generation. Direct mail has proven to be a successful method for reaching potential sellers and generating high-quality leads.


In conclusion, Driving for Dollars is a game-changing strategy that can revolutionize your lead generation.

With its low cost per lead, access to unique properties, and scalability, it becomes a highly effective and efficient option for your business.

By targeting motivated sellers and implementing aggressive marketing techniques, you can land bigger deals and take your business to new heights.

Get ready to unlock the potential of Driving for Dollars and watch your lead generation soar.

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