Corporate Sales Job to 400+ Real Estate Deals: A Journey of Freedom

from desk to property

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Embarking on a path that can transform your life, you have the opportunity to transition from the confines of a corporate sales job to the realm of real estate, reaping over 400 deals along the way. If you yearn for more income and flexibility, a change is necessary. As you tirelessly conquer corporate sales and balance other responsibilities, you may seek to seize control of your financial future.

Real estate wholesaling can emerge as a potential side hustle, and although doubts may linger, your unwavering determination can propel you forward. Consider taking on a 14-day wholesaling challenge as your turning point, revealing the power of scaling your business, joining a mastermind group, and building a team.

This article unveils the invaluable lessons we learned, showcasing how determination, a thirst for knowledge, and a supportive partnership can usher you into a life of freedom.

Frustration With the 9-5

We understand the frustration that comes with the traditional 9-5 corporate sales job. It can feel like there's no end to the long hours and limited financial growth. But we believe there's a better way for you to achieve financial independence and overcome these challenges.

That's why we want to introduce you to the concept of real estate wholesaling as a potential side hustle.

You may have concerns, like Meg did, about leaving your job and relying solely on real estate wholesaling for income. But we want to assure you that with determination and the right strategies, you can gain control of your financial future. We've seen it happen time and time again.

Imagine taking a leap of faith and joining a 14-day wholesaling challenge. This could be the catalyst for your business, just like it was for us. Through hard work and perseverance, you can find your first deal and make a significant assignment fee. It's possible to achieve a level of success that gives you the confidence to continue on your journey towards financial freedom.

Don't let the frustrations of the 9-5 hold you back from exploring the world of real estate wholesaling. We're here to guide you and provide the knowledge and expertise you need to thrive in this industry. Together, let's make your real estate business a success.

The Catalyst for Their Business

The catalyst for our business came in the form of a 14-day wholesaling challenge on Instagram. This challenge opened your eyes to the immense potential of real estate wholesaling. It was a turning point that helped you overcome your doubts and fears.

At first, you may have had concerns about leaving your job and relying solely on real estate wholesaling for income. However, as you found your first deal and made an $8,500 assignment fee, you started to gain confidence in your ability to make wholesaling work. This success fueled your determination to gain control of your financial future.

The challenge not only provided you with practical knowledge and strategies, but it also gave you the motivation to take the leap and pursue real estate wholesaling wholeheartedly. It was the spark that ignited your journey of real estate wholesaling success.

Scaling to 400+ Deals

Scaling your business to 400+ deals required us to join a mastermind group called Collective Genius. Through this group, you can learn invaluable strategies for growth, such as hiring team members and raising fees.

You'll also recognize the need to diversify your revenue streams, so you can decide to build your own construction division. This won't only double your revenue but also allow you to have better control over your projects and timelines.

With a full team in place and a systematized business, you'll be able to step back from day-to-day operations and focus on the bigger picture.

Joining Collective Genius can be the catalyst that propels your business to new heights, and you'll be grateful for the knowledge and support you gain from this community of like-minded individuals.

Choosing Homeschooling

How can homeschooling and entrepreneurship provide essential skills and freedom for real estate professionals?

As real estate investors, we believe that homeschooling offers numerous benefits for our children. One of the main advantages is the ability to tailor their education to their individual needs and interests. Unlike traditional schooling, homeschooling allows us to focus on their strengths and weaknesses, ensuring a well-rounded education. Additionally, homeschooling provides the flexibility to create a schedule that fits our family's lifestyle and allows for more experiential learning.

However, homeschooling does come with its challenges. It requires a significant commitment of time and effort from us as parents, as we take on the role of both educators and caregivers. It also requires careful planning and organization to ensure that our children receive a comprehensive education.

Despite these challenges, we believe that the benefits of homeschooling far outweigh the difficulties, as it allows our children to develop essential skills and experience the freedom to learn and grow in a way that's tailored to their unique needs. This can ultimately benefit them as they navigate their own journeys in the real estate industry, where adaptability, self-motivation, and creativity are highly valued.

Lessons Learned

As real estate professionals, we've learned valuable lessons on our journey from a corporate sales job to completing over 400 real estate deals. One of the most important lessons is the need for hustle upfront. Real estate investing requires hard work, determination, and perseverance in the beginning stages. You have to put in the time and effort to find your first deals and make them successful.

Another lesson we learned is the power of partnering with other professionals. Collaborating with experienced individuals in the industry allows you to gain valuable knowledge, learn from their expertise, and leverage their resources. Partnering with others not only helps you get started, but it also opens doors to new opportunities and expands your network.


In conclusion, your journey from corporate sales to over 400 real estate deals has been a transformative experience.

You faced doubts and challenges along the way, but your determination and openness to learning propelled you forward.

Through scaling your business, joining a mastermind group, and building a team, you achieved the freedom and financial independence you desired.

Homeschooling your children has also been a rewarding decision, allowing you to instill in them the belief that they can pursue their dreams.

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